The better you eat, the more weight you lose.

Age: 25

Height: 5'6"

HW/SW: 244
CW: 174
UGW: Satisfaction
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Week 1 of Vegan Lent

I went grocery shopping for all my non-animal byproduct food goodies and I am extremely excited to be eating so clean.

Chips and salsa will be my main snack food of choice, followed by blueberries and apple slices. HEALTH.

I can feel the vegan edge in my veins, slapping my brain every time it begins to daydream about macaroni and cheese and pizza.

I am a veggie, soy, fruits, and nuts eating beast.

Today’s Intake

Breakfast: Oatmeal with light brown sugar, raisins, walnuts, and flaxseed

Snack: Strawberry slices

Lunch: Vegan protein chili with half an avocado 

Snack: Chocolate soy milk

Dinner: Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable soup

I didn’t even realize I was already eating vegan for full days. Nice. Lent will be a breeze because I have no desire for milk and cheese right now. 

Today’s lunch
Vegan chili with avocado

I really need to post my vegan chili recipe. It’s so amazing and a great pre-workout meal. It has a ton of protein, fiber, and spices. I don’t have a concrete list of measurements since I usually just toss ingredients into a pot lookin’ like the rat from Ratatouille.

I’m trying to slowly transition into a vegan lifestyle for lent so I’m not left drooling over cheese and ice cream, questioning my life choices and crying into a pillow. 

I want to do a series of vegan videos that show how easy it is to resist temptation (something I need to perfect before I glorify it) and still be able to indulge despite a strict eating regime. 

I’m really excited about my YouTube channel. It’s in the beginning awkward stage but dammit I love it. 

Vegan for lent

I celebrate lent every year because I was raised Catholic, and enjoy the challenge.

In the past, before I became a vegetarian, I would give up eating meat. Now that I no longer eat the stuff, I thought I would piss my fat off more and eat vegan for 40 days.

I’ve done my research and am starting to transition into a vegan diet so I won’t crash and burn mid-March.

Do any of you celebrate lent? If you’re vegan, how did you make the switch?

Chia seeds and hemp hearts are expensive.

But I am deeply infatuated with their nutritional value so I spend the money. I found some more affordable 1 lb. bags on today. If you’re addicted to the wonderful power of seeds and nuts, I highly recommend shopping there.

I always get the baking bug during fall (who doesn’t) so I’m flirting with this bread recipe:

To make this recipe vegan, I recommend using a half cup of shortening instead of two eggs.

Bread can be healthy, yo.

Gnocchi Lentil Spinach Soup with Quinoa
I’ve made this lentil soup before, which you can find here, but I added some awesome gnocchi that I bought at Central Market today. Gnocchi is a soft dumpling, and these in particular were made with potato. Omg.  
This soup was vegan, delicious, and took forever to make but was well worth it. 
If I opened a vegan bakery, would anyone come?

I noticed other bakeries are starting to carry vegan items, but they’re small and limited in quantity/flavors/items.

I’m not vegan, but I bake vegan. I think it tastes better and the treats are a bit more dense therefore making you feel full quicker.

My bakery would have vegan friendly treats, but also be beneficial to non-vegans based on their nutritional value. Who would say no to a protein stuffed cupcake or fiber muffins? Or even cakes made from completely natural ingredients with the implementation of necessary vitamins and sneaked in fruits and veggies needed in a vegan diet, and, well, the diet of many unhealthy Americans?

It would be a guilt proof treat. A place to buy a birthday cake for your vegan friend, or to take your kids when they want something sweet, but you don’t want them ingesting too much sugar.

It won’t open tomorrow, or maybe in the next year. I have currently been offered a grant writing position that I hope to build enough wealth in to be able to start my own bakery business.

My only question is: Are there enough people who would be willing to give vegan desserts a try aside from vegans?

I think it takes a strong and determined kind of person to be vegan, in all aspects.

I’m just not one of them.

That doesn’t mean I don’t support the lifestyle, or the people, or the animals being saved. 

It’s just not for me. 

I’m sorry if I offended anyone. My main area of focus and study regards weight loss and exercise and I like contributing to the foundation of health that continues to grow within the Tumblr community. 

Though I am vegetarian, I keep my food blog open to all diets and healthy meals. I find it difficult to take care of something else if you’re not taking care of yourself first. 


.pretzels stuffed with daiya (some mozz & some jack),basil,spices. .this is definitely one of the best things we make…ryan makes the dough and I do the rest.   .teamwork ftw!.

photo taken by me :)

Freshly made hummus… for dinner! 
Simple, healthy and delicious.

Ugly Tofu Scramble by on Flickr.
But good in the stomach!

I like how the crust gets all up in your face!
reblogged from veganexperience:

Got some awesome pizza in downtown Breckenridge today for lunch.
Tomato, garlic, onion, cashew & avocado. Who woulda thought of cashews and avocado on a pizza!! So good!

Get in my mouth! 
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